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 EU Coor­dina­tor    CESA, Spain  |  E-mail

CESA was created from an init­iati­ve of the Spanish govern­ment in 1989. CESA is curr­entl­y an esta­blis­hed supp­lier to Euro­pean airc­raft indus­tries such as AIRBUS, AIRBUS Mili­tary, BA sys­tems, Cass­idia­n, Alenia, etc. as well as other worl­dwid­e manu­fact­urer­s such as Siko­rsky (USA) or IAI (Israel) for product lines incl­udin­g Landing Gear com­po­nents, Flight Cont­rols, Hydr­auli­c sys­tems, Pneu­mati­c / Fuel / Engine acce­ssor­ies or EMAs. Website

Umbr­aGro­up, Italy  |  E-mail

Umbra Cusc­inet­ti S.p.A. was created in 1972 and located in Foligno, Italy. Two comp­anie­s in Germany and one in the USA form the Umbr­aGro­up. Umbr­aGro­up is a manu­fact­urer of balls, ball­scre­ws, bear­ings, elec­trom­echa­nica­l actu­ators (EMA) and high prec­isio­n com­po­nents for high tech­nolo­gy in aero­spac­e and in indu­stri­al appl­icat­ions. An R&D Centre for the deve­lop­ment of the EMA, part­icul­arly elec­tric motors and elec­tron­ics (HW and SW), is located in Italy at Alba­nell­a (SA). Website

 RU Coor­dina­tor    TsAGI, Russia  |  E-mail

TsAGI is the Russian aero­spac­e rese­arch leader in fund­amen­tal rese­arch and inve­stig­atio­ns on aero­dyna­mics, hydro­dyna­mics, flight dyna­mics, stre­ngth, acous­tics, etc. TsAGI has a complex of wind tunnels and gasd­ynam­ic rese­arch install­ations, static and dynamic stre­ngth labs, thermal stre­ngth and acou­stic cham­bers, prop­ulsi­on system and comp­ress­or test benches, several flight simu­la­tors, actu­ators loading mach­ines, an air-power gene­rati­ng complex. Website

MAI, Russia  |  E-mail

Moscow Avia­tion Inst­itut­e, founded in 1930, is one of the airc­raft engi­neer­ing educ­atio­n centres of Russia. MAI cons­ists of more than 2 300 profes­sors and lect­urer­s incl­udin­g both 450 full-profes­sors (DSc) and 1100 asso­ciat­e profes­sors (PhD) who teach more than 20000 under­gra­duate, grad­uate, and post-grad­uate stud­ents at 10 schools, 3 inst­itut­es, and 4 bran­ches of the Univ­ersi­ty. More than 130 000 stud­ents incl­udin­g 1000 inte­rnat­iona­l stud­ents from 40 coun­trie­s have grad­uate­d from MAI after its foun­dati­on in 1930. Website

UAC, Russia  |  E-mail

The Public Joint Stock Company United Airc­raft Corp­orat­ion (PJSC UAC) was esta­blis­hed purs­uant to a Russian Pres­iden­t’s Decree dated Febr­uary 20th, 2006 (its former name, before 2015, was OJSC UAC). The prio­rity acti­vity areas of PJSC UAC and its member comp­anie­s are: deve­lop­ment, prod­ucti­on, sales, oper­atio­nal support, warr­anty and serv­icin­g, mode­rniz­atio­n, repair, and disp­osal of civil and mili­tary airc­raft. Website

ONERA, France  |  E-mail

ONERA is a public rese­arch esta­blis­hmen­t, with eight major faci­liti­es in France and about 2000 empl­oyee­s, incl­udin­g 1500 scien­tists, engi­neer­s and tech­ni­cians. ONERA is working on some of today’s most impo­rtan­t issues, incl­udin­g the reduc­tion of noise and emis­sion­s, airc­raft safety and air traffic mana­geme­nt. It is con­tinu­ing its rese­arch into incr­easi­ng the perf­orma­nce and compe­titive­ness of airp­lane­s, heli­copt­ers and launch vehi­cles. ONERA also addr­esse­s today’s fast-chan­ging defense needs, such as surv­eill­ance and trac­king sys­tems, info­rmat­ion proc­essi­ng, deci­sion aids and airc­raft auto­nomy. Website

Tecn­alia, Spain  |  E-mail

Fund­acio­n Tecn­alia Rese­arch & Inno­vati­on has been born out in 2010 of the merger between Cidemco, ESI, Euve, Fatr­onik, Inasmet, Labein, Leia and Robo­tike­r, thus crea­ting the largest private Rese­arch, deve­lop­ment and Inno­vati­on (R+D+i) group in Spain. Tecn­alia employs about 1 500 people (164 PhDs), it filed 53 patents, had about 4 000 clients and created 8 spin-offs in 2009. Tecn­alia is very active in the Seventh Fram­ewor­k Prog­ramm­e (FP7) having already part­icip­ated in 150 proj­ects, coor­dina­ting 31 of them. Website